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My Guru – Acharya Narendra Bhushan

September 11, 2011

Late Acharya Narendra Bhushan (1937-2010) was one of the greatest Vedic scholars in India. He was a great writer, orator, journalist and publisher. He is founder editor of Arsha Nadam, Vedic-philosophical Malayalam magazine from 1970 (now it is run by his wife Kamala Narendra Bhushan and son Veda Prakash). He wrote books in Malayalam, English and Hindi. His books include malayalam translations of Sathyartha Prakasam , Rigvedadi Bhashya bhoomika (Veda Paryadanam) (original by Swami Dayananda Saraswati), Gita Rahasyam (original in Marathi by Lok manya Balagangadhara Thilakan), Matangalude Utbhavam – origin of religions (original in Hindi by Justice Ganga Prasad Upadhyaya), Translation of Swamy Sathyapathi Parivrajaka’s “Yogameemamsa”, original works in Malayalam include Yogeswaranaya Sree Krishnan, Devathakalude vaidika samkalpam, Poorooravasum Urvashiyum, paralokavum Punarjanmavum.

I come to know about him in 1987, during my college days through his Vedic-philosophical magazine Arsha Nadam and books. My father happened to visit (for inspection from Industries Dept, Kerala Govt.) Nithya Bharthi Books press where Acharyaji printed his works. One day father asked me to come to bus stop to collect some books he received as gift. Happily I went and brought them home. Being a voracious reader, I started reading Arsha Nadam magazine and books. Arsha Nadam guided me to the right path of truth and knowledge. The question answer section in Arsha Nadam triggered interest in me. Sent some questions and Acharyaji answered promptly.


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